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Daily News Roundup: Cain Out

Daily News Roundup: Cain Out
Jesse Squire

Photo: Dane Schubert

Earlier today it was announced that superstar high school miler Mary Cain will miss the World Indoor Championships due to a small injury. Heather Kampf will take her spot.

I felt some disappointment hearing this. Cain is a big-time crowd favorite in no small part because she gives us an unusual combination: a great champion who is also an underdog. Had she run at the Worlds, she likely would have been in the mix for a medal–gold was a long shot but possible–but she’s still just 17 years old.

And think about this: Cain is a serious student, still in high school, and would have missed more than a week of class to go to Poland for the Worlds. AP exams are just two months away. Missing out on this trip, while obviously disappointing to Cain, may not have been all bad from her perspective.


Kevin Sully previewed the Worlds with his Monday Morning Run.

I recapped the weekend’s college conference championship action and picked my Three Stars and Team Players.


Runner’s World’s Morning Report recaps the weekend’s action.

Cain’s withdrawal headlines Ken Goe’s daily Oregon track & field rundown, plus the morning’s news links.

USA Track and Field announced its teams for the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, four men and four women. Club affiliation is not mentioned in the release, but virtually all are members of a pro/semi-pro running club.
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Provisional World Indoor Championships entry lists have been released by the IAAF.
More from the IAAF

Jon Gugala’s story on Heather Kampf and her surprise spot on the team for the World Indoors.
More from

“We all know Usain Bolt is one of the fastest people on Earth. Now, students have shown his superhuman speeds would actually allow him to fly like a bird on one of Saturn’s moons while wearing a wingsuit.” OK, then.
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The EAA rounds up the weekend’s European cross country action.
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Bruny Surin, Canada’s two-time world indoor champion, provides “a champion’s guide to the 60 meters”.
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Scott Bush catches up with Amy Van Alstine, the surprise USA cross country champion.
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Updates to the pro fields at the Boston Marathon: Ryan Hall and Abdi Abdirahman in, Moses Mosop and Dathan Ritzenhein out with injury.
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WBZ-Boston profiles Desi (Davila) Linden on her preparations for the Boston Marathon, her first trip back to that race since nearly winning in 2011.
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High school runner sprints to finish, legs buckle, falls, crawls to finish. Becomes 8th fastest high school miler in US history in the process.
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Video of the day

On Saturday, Croatia’s Sandra Perkovic put up the longest discus throw since the Soviet Union broke up. You can brush up on your Serbo-Croatian, too.

Stat corner

Regarding the above, here are the 50 longest throws since 1993.

70.51 Sandra Perkovic CRO Split 1-Mar 2014
70.02 Natalya Sadova RUS Thessaloníki 23-Jun 1999
70.00 Xiao Yanling CHN Shanghai 18-Oct 1997
69.68 Mette Bergmann NOR Florø 27-May 1995
69.66 Ilke Wyludda GER Atlanta 29-Jul 1996
69.51 Franka Dietzsch GER Wiesbaden 8-May 1999
69.38 Natalya Sadova RUS Halle 24-May 2003
69.20 Ilke Wyludda GER Norden 20-Aug 1995
69.14 Irina Yatchenko BLR Stayki 31-Jul 2004
69.11 Sandra Perkovic CRO London 4-Aug 2012
68.96 Sandra Perkovic CRO Lausanne 4-Jul 2013
68.91 Franka Dietzsch GER Stendal 30-Aug 1998
68.89 Nadine Müller GER Bar 18-Mar 2012
68.84 Ellina Zvereva BLR Stayki 19-May 1995
68.80 Nicoleta Grasu ROU Poiana Brasov 7-Aug 1999
68.77 Sandra Perkovic CRO Stockholm 17-Aug 2012
68.72 Daniela Costian AUS Auckland 22-Jan 1994
68.72 Ilke Wyludda GER Helsinki 10-Aug 1994
68.70 Nicoleta Grasu ROU Bucuresti 4-Mar 2000
68.64 Ellina Zvereva BLR Göteborg 12-Aug 1995
68.63 Natalya Sadova RUS Kazan 8-Jul 2004
68.60 Ellina Zvereva BLR Villeneuve d’Ascq 25-May 1996
68.57 Natalya Sadova RUS Edmonton 11-Aug 2001
68.54 Ilke Wyludda GER Oslo 21-Jul 1995
68.52 Beatrice Faumuina NZL Oslo 4-Jul 1997
68.51 Franka Dietzsch GER Schönebeck 16-Jun 2006
68.50 Natalya Sadova RUS Moskva 5-Sep 1998
68.48 Sandra Perkovic CRO New York City 25-May 2013
68.40 Ellina Zvereva BLR Sydney 27-Sep 2000
68.36 Ilke Wyludda GER Birmingham 25-Jun 1994
68.34 Ilke Wyludda GER Chemnitz 19-May 1996
68.32 Irina Yatchenko BLR Gomel 3-Jul 1997
68.31 Nicoleta Grasu ROU Athínai 11-Jun 2001
68.28 Beatrice Faumuina NZL Melbourne 2-Mar 1997
68.25 Sandra Perkovic CRO Roma 6-Jun 2013
68.24 Sandra Perkovic CRO Shanghai 19-May 2012
68.24 Mette Bergmann NOR Oslo 21-Jul 1995
68.23 Sandra Perkovic CRO Ad-Dawhah 10-May 2013
68.23 Nicoleta Grasu ROU Rethimnó 29-May 1999
68.21 Natalya Sadova RUS Athínai 16-Jun 1999
68.14 Franka Dietzsch GER Sevilla 23-Aug 1999
68.14 Ellina Zvereva BLR Minsk 1-Jun 1996
68.14 Larisa Korotkevich RUS Vénissieux 2-Jul 1993
68.06 Franka Dietzsch GER Halle 19-May 2007
68.06 Franka Dietzsch GER Haniá 14-Jun 2000
68.03 Yarelis Barrios CUB La Habana 22-Mar 2012
67.99 Sandra Perkovic CRO Moskva 11-Aug 2013
67.98 Li Yanfeng CHN Schönebeck 5-Jun 2011
67.96 Sandra Perkovic CRO Split 26-Feb 2011
67.96 Ilke Wyludda GER Duisburg 18-Jun 1995

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