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Kara Goucher Sponsorship Decision Flowchart

Kara Goucher Sponsorship Decision Flowchart
Jim McDannald

Kara Goucher recently left Portland and moved back to Boulder to join up with Coach Wentmore, Jenny Simpson & Emma Coburn. Her contract with Nike has ended and she’s “becoming less and less concerned with dollar figure and more and more concerned with if they are someone that fits into my belief system.”

This begs the questions, “Where will she sign?”

For fun and speculation, we give you the Kara Goucher Sponsorship Decision Flowchart. The file is an interactive PDF so be sure to click on the links to gather plenty of information. Put yourself in Kara’s shoes and see where you end up.

If you have other companies or ideas about her future sponsor, be sure to put them in the Comments.



  1. No where on this chart do you list Saucony as a potential sponsor. Why so

  2. KB

    What about a full return to nature and, inspired by ‘Running with the Kenyans’, deciding to go barefoot. If sposnorship is still an issue, there’s always the option of the Nick Symmonds route, and tattooing a sponsor onto her feet…

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