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Let's be social: The U.S. Marathon Trials on Twitter

Let’s be social: The U.S. Marathon Trials on Twitter

| On 13, Feb 2016

It was a hot day of racing and reaction here in Downtown LA. Here are the highs and lows from the Twitterati:

Craig Leon maintained his Twitter presence during the race and still finished 29th:

This is how the men’s field broke up:

And the women’s field:

Desi Linden likes to read biographies, except when she falls asleep:

And then she woke up and got on to the podium:

Galen Rupp was sucking moisture out of a towel during the race, which reminded some of a famous UNLV men’s basketball coach:

Rupp broke through the finishing tape and busted some holes in his shirt because he’s so shredded:

Marco Rubio took over the @HouseofRun account:

“One man made the race; another man won it.” Tyler Pennel’s burst at the 25K broke up the field, but he finished fifth.

Amy Flanagan and Shalane Cragg were wearing the same gear and were attached at the waist for about 25 miles:

Shalane Flanagan had a short buildup to this race but gutted through 26.2 to make the team:

And her teammate was there to the end:

Meb and Galen are teammates now, but there were competitors Saturday:

Kara Goucher finished fourth but was happy with her race:

She’s still not happy with Alberto Salazar:

Dathan dropped out but remains classy:

And we have the six going to Rio (unless someone gets hurt or Rupp drops the marathon):

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