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Athletech: Bryan Fetzer, Director of Track & Field/Cross Country (University of Virginia)

Athletech: Bryan Fetzer, Director of Track & Field/Cross Country (University of Virginia)

| On 29, Apr 2014

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1) Who are you and what do you do?

I am Bryan Fetzer, Director of Track & Field/Cross Country University of Virginia.

2) What hardware do you use?

I’m truly old-school in a lot of ways. I still prefer a pad of paper and pencil to write up workouts and plan. Not sure why but probably always will. Our staff and myself do utilize iPhones, MacBook Pro, iPads, & GoPros.

We use Apple TV hooked up to a monitor for on the track analysis of technique in addition to out iPhones.

One track specific devise I use is the “Coach Beeper” that Coach Hart showed me when I coached in the JC ranks (1997) and I have used it at every school since. I’ve found it to be very helpful coaching multiple events. Annoying to some but helpful.

Other than that we stick to pretty basic stuff sleds, ropes, free weights, med balls, mini hurdles. Those sort of items.

3) And what software?

We try to stay ahead of the curve on this topic. For recruiting, we use ARMS software for our database, phone logs, and communication with recruits. especially the mobile app they have. Its very helpful. As for websites we use Milesplit and Dyestat as the primary mode search mode for confirming athletes performances in high school. Social media has become such a primary method of communication with this generation of athletes. We will use everything out there. We try use whatever method the recruits prefer. Our entire staff has Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Instagram accounts. Some have Snapchat since it is now NCAA allowed. I will say that our team told us to stay off Vine as we are “too old for that”. I’m sure something else will be coming out soon that I will have to adapt to using.

We use Teamworks for our communication and database for our team. It is an athletic department wide situation.

Some additional mobile apps that we use with our team that have been very helpful are UberSense, Sleep Time+, WhatsApp and Interval Timer. Each has performance specific actions that the athlete can download and use.

4) What would be your dream setup?
I’m not sure if there is a specific dream setup. The use of the mobile devises has for sure made things much easier. I can barely remember using newspaper clippings and land line phones to recruit. So I guess I consider myself lucky.

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